Gustave Caillebotte (French, 1848 - 1894 ), Skiffs, 1877, oil on canvas, Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon

“After many years of failed therapy attempts I found success with Lydia. She was able to tune into and take into consideration my needs, personalize my treatment, and help me with my journey towards healing. If you are looking for a warm caring therapist I would highly recommend her.”
-Kym F.

“Lydia has been a gentle and wise guide and therapist to me. She has led me to a deeper understanding of my own patterns of thoughts and behaviors, which has allowed me to transform these patterns and feel happier and more myself. I recommend her to anyone without reservation.”
-Fred B.

“I came to therapy seeking a greater connection with others in my life and Lydia helped me to better understand and connect with the needs of my own soul.  Her friendly and humorous style and the combination of conversational therapy and sand play helped me to know those parts of myself that I had neglected.  Over time, I was able to do the hard work required to attend to and love myself, and work towards balanced and meaningful relationships with others.  Ten years hence, I’m married to a lovely woman with three sons between us.  I’m very grateful for the work Lydia did with me.”
-Greg J.

“Lydia is an excellent therapist. She listens deeply and empathically, and she is very insightful and sensitive.   Sandplay combined with dream work and talk therapy is a very potent and helpful combination.  Lydia is a fearless and non-judgmental, guide throughout this process.   She helped me to explore and interpret the rich symbology in my subconscious mind, while simultaneously assisting me in the navigation of my daily life.  I can’t give a high enough recommendation both for the kind of therapy that Lydia employs, and for Lydia as a therapist.”
-Gina F.

“Lydia is a really great Jungian therapist who continues to study, publish and teach — thereby keeping her work fresh and meaningful.”
-Tina D.